House Leveling

Most homeowners do not worry about whether their house is level, but in areas such as East Texas, the problem does arise. Various contributing factors include storm damage and flooding, water from plumbing problems, soil erosion, and poor foundation design or faulty construction.

No matter what the cause, the result can worsen over time, causing further damage to your home and requiring more extensive repairs down the line. If you suspect or question whether your house is level and wonder, “Where can I find quality house leveling near me?” East Texas Slab Masters can answer your questions.

Warning Signs that You May Need House Leveling

It is important to pay attention to signs that your house may not be level. You may find issues inside and out.

Indoors, you may see cracks in the walls and ceiling. You may have noticed unevenness in your floors, and you may have trouble opening and closing doors and windows.

Outside, you may see cracks in the foundation or the frames of doors and windows pulling away from the wall. Bowing or leaning walls are definite indicators. If you have a basement or crawl space and find moisture or even pooling water, structural damage could be the cause.

Methods of House Leveling

Although there are various methods of leveling a house through various house leveling companies, you can count on East Texas Slab Masters to choose the best method of leveling your home. Methods we use include:

Slab Jacking

Slab jacking raises and levels concrete slabs that have tiled or sunken due to the ground below. Also known as mud jacking, this method entails inserting grout underneath the slab to raise it back up and stabilize it in a level position.

Pier and Beam Leveling

For homes with a crawl space underneath, pier and beam leveling is created using concrete or treated wood pillars or “piers” with joists holding beams that level and stabilize the floor. This also elevates the home, preventing moisture from interfering with the foundation and flooring.

Hydraulic Jacking

Compact but mighty, hydraulic jacks are placed under problematic and not level areas while bringing the area to the proper height using hydraulics. When the need is in a tight space, hydraulic jacks are efficient, and they are great for places where there is a lot of lift needed.

Benefits of House Leveling

While you might think living in a home that isn’t quite level isn’t that big of a deal, there are many benefits to having it done. They include:

While you might think living in a home that isn’t quite level isn’t that big of a deal, there are many benefits to having it done. They include:

Preserving Structural Integrity

An unbalanced house puts unnecessary strain on the entire structural integrity of the building which will only worsen with time. Not only will the walls start to crack and the floors sag, but the doors and windows will become more difficult to use.

Preventing Further Damage

What may seem like a minor, inconsequential problem will worsen with time and lead to an unsafe living environment. Calling upon a competent house leveling company near you, such as East Texas Slab Masters, will address the problem before it worsens.

Improving Property Value

What homeowner doesn’t want to protect and increase the value of their property? No matter what the age of your house, protecting its foundation by keeping it level is key to your home’s value. If you decide to sell, you can rest assured you can have your property listed without incurring an unexpected expense while ensuring potential buyers of the home’s stability.

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Protect Your Investment with East Texas Slab Masters’ House Leveling Expertise

If you have concerns about your home and are wondering where you can find house leveling nearby, you will not find a more honest and experienced house leveling company than East Texas Slab Masters. Contact us for a complete evaluation of your home today!