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How do I know if I have foundation problems?

1. Doors will not open or close smoothly.

With a shifting foundation, the house can settle, which can bring down the door jams just a few millimeters. This will be enough to make opening a door difficult as it will drag on the ground or not fit into the sill.

2. Cracks in the walls near doors & windows.

If the house settles quickly, then the walls will crack at weak spots near openings. If you begin to see these cracks, it’s time to give us a call.

3. Windows are difficult to open or close.

Much like the stuck door, the sill will move but the window frame remains the same size, making it extremely difficult to open or close the window.

4. Uneven floors or cracks in flooring.

Notice cracks in your ceramic or porcelain tile? Have wooden floors that are uneven or buckled? These are warning signs that your foundation needs to be repaired.

5. Cracks in the foundation or slab.

Cracks in the foundation, slab, or basement walls are an obvious sign that you are needing repairs done to prevent further and more costly damage to your foundation.

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