Foundation Repair Services in Bullard TX

For foundation repair in Bullard, there’s no better option than East Texas Slab Masters. Our experienced team can help uncover underlying foundation issues and work quickly and effectively to repair them. It’s essential to reach out to us right away so we can prevent a minor issue from becoming a costlier and potentially dangerous one. Call us today if you notice any of these common foundation damage warning signs: 

Cracks in brick or mortar 
Cracks in drywall or interior wall 
Cracks in slab or basement walls 
Gaps in door and window frames 
Leaning walls 
Popping nails in ceiling or walls 
Sinking Foundation 
Stuck doors or windows 
Tilting chimney
Uneven floors 

Our Services 

When you call East Texas Slab Masters for your foundation issues, we’ll work quickly to assess the damage and determine the repair method for your needs. 


Heavy-duty polyurethane foam can help lift slabs and stabilize the soil. It works quickly, reaching 90% of full strength within 15 minutes of application. It’s durable, reliable, and works even in moist environments. If the concrete foundation is settling due to a broken water line, erosion, or poor compaction, our polymer method of repair is ideal. 

Pier Pilings 

This method is inexpensive, durable, and works in almost every foundation repaid application. Often foundations sink because they’re resting on unstable soils that can shift, adjust, and erode as the environment evolves or the temperature changes. Pressed pilings help transfer the weight of your foundation to a more stable layer of clays further below the surface soil. 

Steel Piers 

Steel piers take all the advantages of pressed piling piers and add the strength of steel to the equation. Steel piers can also reach further below the surface, often up to 25 feet or more, providing even more support to the foundation. Even if the weight of your home fluctuates due to accumulated snow or other factors, steel piers will continue to provide support. 

Drilled Bell Bottom Piers

Another form of pier-based foundation repairs, bell-bottom piers, utilize bell-shaped bottoms to add additional support and strength. Once the bell bottom pier is in place, we’ll reinforce it with steel rebar and fill the shaft with wet concrete. This helps add strength and durability. 

Moisture Containment Barriers 

Moisture can wreak havoc on a foundation. Too much moisture and the soil swells, pushing up against the foundation and causing it to heave. Too little moisture and the soil contracts and causes the foundation to fall. 

Moisture containment barriers are sheets of plastic that can be placed after a foundation has been poured. They help block groundwater from flowing beneath the foundation and helps to control moisture levels. This means the soil is less likely to become too moist or too dry. 

Retaining Walls 

Retaining walls can help turn a sloping landscape into usable land. While they are typically durable, much like foundation slabs, they can become less stable when exposed to certain environmental factors. If you find that your retaining wall is tilting, separating, buckling, shifting, or even rotting, make sure to reach out ASAP so we can fix the issue. 

Foundation Repair in Bullard

The residents of Bullard deserve to have safe, stable foundations beneath their homes and businesses. That’s why we work so quickly and effectively to resolve all types of foundation issues using tested repair methods that bring strength, durability, and stability. Reach out to our Bullard location today if your home or business is experiencing any of the common signs of foundation damage. Call us at 903-330-6504.

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