Polymer Injections To Fix Foundation Stability


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Why Does Concrete Settle?

  • Broken Water Lines
  • Poor Drainage
  • Improperly Placed Downspouts
  • Leaking Drainpipes
  • Poor Compaction
  • Biological Decay

How Does Polymer Foam Help?

  • Lifts Slab Back to Level Height (Within 1/10” of the desired height).
  • Reinforcing Eroded Areas
  • Compacting Soil
  • Filling Voids Caused by Decay

What Are the Results?

• Use of Slab the Same Day as Repair (90% full strength in 15 minutes)

• Support for Up to 14,000 lbs/Sq. Ft.

• Lift and/or Stabilization Lasting Decades


What Causes Unstable Soil?

• Erosion

• Poor Compaction

• Freeze/Thaw

• Biological Decay

How Does Polymer Foam Help?

• Reinforcing Eroded Areas

• Permeating Soil

• Filling Voids Caused by Decay


What Causes Leaks in Concrete?

• Imperfect Construction

• Weather and Wear

• Unstable Soil

How Does Injection Grout Help?

• Water Activation

• Pressure Injection

• Flexible, Watertight Seal

Are These Products Safe for the Environment?

Spetec PUR F400, Spetec PUR H100, Spetec PUR H200, Spetec PUR HighFoam-er, and Spetec PUR GT500AP Soil 600, AP Lift 430 and AP Lift 475 are approved for contact with drinking water (certified to NSF 61-5). That means they can be used anywhere without having an adverse effect on water quality. Having our core products rigorously tested for environmental compatibility is a key component of our commitment to assuring “painless procedures” for customers.

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