Warning Signs Of Foundational Damage

Cracks in Slab or Basement Walls

Cracks in the foundation, slab, or basement walls are an obvious sign that you are needing repairs done to prevent further and more costly damage to your foundation. If you notice any of these, contact us.

Windows or Doors That Are Difficult to Open or Stick

Have windows or doors that get stuck or are difficult to open? This could be an early warning sign that your foundation needs to be repaired. Contact the East Texas Slab Masters for a consultation today!

Cracks in Bricks or Mortar

One of the most prominent signs that your foundation has problems that need immediate repair are cracks in the bricks and mortar. Before the damage to your foundation gets worse, give us a call.

Cracks in Drywall or Interior Walls

Worried about those hairline cracks in your walls? They should be cause for concern and a warning sign that your foundation is in need of repair. Contact us to let one of our foundation specialists take a look.

Gaps in Window and Door Frames

Do you notice gaps or spaces developing around windows or door frames? This is a warning sign that your concrete slab is in need of repair. The East Texas Slab Masters are here to help.

Leaning Walls

If left unrepaired, leaning walls can cause serious structural damage. When you see walls leaning, it means your slab needs to be fixed. Get in touch with us because we want to Put Your House On A Strong Foundation!

Uneven Floors or Cracks in Flooring

Notice cracks in your ceramic or porcelain tile? Have wooden floors that are uneven or buckled? These are warning signs that your foundation needs to be repaired. Contact us today!

Nails Popping in Ceilings and Walls

Think that nails popping on your ceilings or walls are something that should be ignored? Think again. This could be an early warning sign that your foundation has issues that need to be repaired. Calling us now and taking action can save you thousands in costly repairs.

A Tilting Chimney

Is your chimney leaning or tilting? Don’t disregard this warning sign that could mean your concrete foundation needs to be fixed. Let us examine your slab and provide a solution.

A Sinking Foundation

If your concrete slab foundation is sinking, this should be easy to notice and a very obvious sign that your foundation needs to be repaired as soon as possible. Get in touch with your East Texas Slab Masters today!