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Best Foundation Repair Services in Livingston

For foundation repair in Livingston TX, call East Texas Slab Masters today. From Lake Livingston to Goodrich to Leggett, we serve all of the Livingston area with our trusted, effective foundation repair services that help prevent minor issues from becoming costly. Our services are available for both homes and businesses, and we can conduct a no-obligation assessment to find potential issues and take the best steps to fix them. 

Signs of Foundation Damage

Through our years of experience, we’ve worked to resolve almost every potential sign of foundation damage:

Cracks in floors, interior walls, bricks, mortar, or basement 

Gaps in door and window frames 

Door or windows that stick or take lots of effort to open 

Leaning walls or uneven floors 

Nails popping in ceilings or walls 

Tilting chimneys 

If you’re dealing with any of these indicators of foundation damage in Livingston, TX, make sure to check out our repair services. The sooner you call, the quicker we’re able to help prevent disaster. 

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Our Foundation Repair Methods

There are several ways to fix your home’s foundation issues. While every process works to add stability to your building’s foundation, each one has its own advantages:


We use heavy-duty polyurethane foam to help lift concrete slabs, provide soil stabilization, and seal leaks. This method works quickly as it reaches 90% of full strength within 15 minutes of application. This foam also supports up to 14,000 pounds per square foot. It creates a watertight seal that makes it ideal for moist environments. 

Pier Pilings

This repair method helps transfer the weight of the structure to stable clays that are usually found around 10 feet below the surface in Livingston. It works in almost any situation and offers durability and value that aren’t always found in other methods. Repairs can be completed as quickly as one to three days.

Steel Piers

Much like with traditional pier pilings, steel piers help transfer the weight of the building to a more solid portion of the soil. Steel piers are capable of lasting a lifetime, and the use of steel means they can support more weight than traditional pressed pier pilings. The process is quick, too, as there’s no curing time. 

Drilled Bell Bottom Piers

This process involves a drilling tool that allows us to reach far below surface-level soil. We then install a specialized pier with superior strength, stability, and durability than traditional piers. First, the bell-shaped bottom adds stability. The pier is reinforced with steel, and the shaft is filled with wet concrete for additional durability.

Moisture Containment Barriers

When soil is too dry, it contracts. When it’s too moist, it swells. Either way, though, your foundation may heave, fall, crack, or be otherwise damaged. Moisture containment barriers help control the moisture level of the soil beneath your concrete foundation by directing the flow of groundwater away from the area directly beneath your foundation. 

Retaining Wall Repair

We can repair retaining walls suffering from common signs of damage like tilting, separation from adjoining walls, buckling, shifting, and rotting wood. This helps protect any structures at the bottom of the slope the retaining wall sits on and any buildings relying on the useable soil the retaining wall creates at the top of the slope.  

Foundation Repair in Livingston, TX

Foundation issues require a prompt and effective fix. Otherwise, you may be putting the stability of the building sitting upon the foundation at risk. If you’re dealing with any of the common foundation issues listed above, make sure to reach out to East Texas Slab Masters in Livingston so we can inspect the area and work with you to find the best repair method for your needs and budget. 

Call us today at 936-675-3930 to set up an appointment. You can also fill out our online form to have one of our knowledgeable team members reach out to you. 

Why choose East Texas Slab Masters in Livingston for foundation repair?

Steel piers are manufactured to reach the load-bearing strata of the soil, where it will resist any more push. This ensures a solid support system.

Steel piers produce less skin friction or soil drag than larger concrete piers, helping to protect the pier over time.

Smaller diameter steel piers can be driven much deeper than ten-inch diameter concrete pillars, ensuring we reach the load-bearing strata.

We place a friction collar around the lead section of the pipe to minimize skin friction of the soil even further.

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