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Best Foundation Crack Repair Services in Tyler

When you spot the warning signs of foundational damage in our Tyler, TX, home, it’s time to call the East Texas Slab Masters. As one of the most trusted foundation repair firms in the area, we work directly with various clients, such as builders, homeowners, and real estate agencies, to ensure that small cracks don’t become huge issues. 

Our Services 

If you need foundation repair in Tyler, TX, reach out to us right away for a no-obligation quote. You can also see the array of services we offer below. 


High-density polyurethane foam is an ideal solution for foundations dealing with soil stabilization issues, sinkholes, or voids beneath the concrete slabs. An injection of these polymers can support up to 14,000 pounds per square foot and be foot-traffic ready in as few as 15 minutes. It bonds quickly with soil and concrete. Its hydro-insensitive nature means it works even in wet environments, yet the safe nature of this foam means it’s approved for contact with drinking nature. Pier


A significant issue facing foundations is using unstable soil to bear the structure’s weight the foundation supports. Pier pilings can help transfer the weight to stable clays around 8 to 12 feet beneath the surface.  This method of foundation repair comes with several key advantages: 

It can be done quickly, often in only one to three days. 
It’s inexpensive when compared to other repair methods. 
It typically provides support for longer than other methods. 
It can resolve almost any foundation issue. 

Steel Piers 

Steel piers offer additional strength to the traditional pier pilings. Part of the reason for this is their length. Steel piers can reach depths of at least 25 feet, ensuring that the home’s weight isn’t relying on the less stable active soils near the surface. Of course, steel is an incredibly strong alloy. It can hold up to 10 times as much weight as traditional pier pilings. This provides needed support during times of weight fluctuations, such as when your home is covered with snow.  

Drilled Bell Bottom Piers 

If your concrete slab foundation is compromised due to heaving, sinking, or other issues, a drilled bell bottom pier can help provide leveling and support. With a wide, bell-shaped base, they can handle extreme weights. To add to their strength and durability, we reinforce the pier and the shaft it’s buried in with wet concrete and steel rebar. 

Moisture Containment Barriers

It can be challenging to find the right balance of soil moisture to support a foundation. If the soil is too moist, it can expand and exert an upward force on your foundation. This causes the foundation to heave or crack. When the soil is too dry, though, the soil contracts and causes your foundation to sink. A moisture barrier helps control the amount of moisture in the soil, supporting your foundation by preventing groundwater from flowing beneath your home. This gives your foundation stability and stops unpredictable moisture levels. 

Retaining Walls 

Retaining walls provide slope management, protection for structures, and additional security for your yard. They are designed to be reliable and durable. However, they can still display signs of needing repair, such as tilting, separation from adjoining walls, or cracking and crumbling. To protect your property and any nearby structures, it’s essential to seek repairs for your retaining wall as soon as you notice any of those indicators.  

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At East Texas Slab Masters, we have decades of experience with foundation crack repair in Tyler, TX. We’ve helped push the industry to use more modern tools and equipment, and, of course, we’ve prioritized customer satisfaction above all else. 

If your Tyler-area home is showing signs of foundation issues, give us a call today at 903-330-6504. We can schedule a no-obligation inspection and go over potential remedies that fit your budget.  

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