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There’s nothing more foundational than the literal foundation of your house, so if you’ve started to notice cracks, uneven floors, or leaning walls, it’s time to call the East Texas Slab Masters. With years of helping those in need of foundation repair in Nacogdoches, our team is well-equipped with a variety of tools and expert knowledge. Read about our services below. 

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All homeowners and building managers should be aware of the signs of foundational damage:

Cracks in bricks or mortar 
Cracks in drywall or interior walls 
Cracks in slab or basement walls 
Gaps in window and door frames 
Leaning walls 
Stuck windows or doors 

Whether you need foundation crack repair in Nacogdoches or are experiencing any of the above issues, you need to take immediate steps to fix your foundation. Depending on the issue, we offer a variety of services to the Nacogdoches area. 


High-density polyurethane is an effective solution for a variety of foundational issues: 

Sinkholes Unstable soil Voids beneath concrete slabs 

Unstable Soil
Voids beneath Concrete Slabs

Polyurethane is strong. It can support 14,000 pounds per square foot. It’s also fast-acting with the ability to dry and support foot traffic in as few as 15 minutes. As it displaces water, it’s also ideal for wet environments and can bond to both concrete and soil. 

Pier Pilings 

Pier pilings can help fix almost any foundation problem. It’s inexpensive yet durable and capable of outlasting other methods of repair. 

Their effectiveness is due to their method of transferring weight from unstable soils to stable layers of clay. These layers of clay are usually found 8 to 12 feet below the surface and capable of holding more weight than soil. Furthermore, this method of repair can be installed quickly. Our team can get the job done in 1 to 3 days. 

Steel Piers 

Steel Piers reach depths of 25 feet below the surface. This bypasses the active layer of soil, which exists 3 to 4 feet below your foundation. Due to its lack of depth, active soil is often affected by weather, which creates unstable support. 

Steel is 10 times stronger than concrete pressed piling. This helps to support your home even during times of weight fluctuation, such as during snowstorms. 

Drilled Bell Bottom Piers 

Bell-bottom pants may have fallen out of fashion decades ago but drilled bell bottom piers are reliable, durable, and strong. With a bell-shaped bottom, they help add support to sinking or compromise concrete slabs. To add to their strength, we fill the bell bottom and the shaft we drill for them with wet concrete. We also reinforce them with steel rebar for added strength. 

Moisture Containment Barriers 

Among the most damaging elements to foundations is moisture. When soil is too moist, it expands. With little space to move downwards, the moist soil instead pushes upwards and causes heaving concrete slabs. 

If the soil is too dry, it will shrink and shrivel. This causes your foundation to sink. To combat both of these enemies, we place plastic sheets vertically around your foundation’s perimeter. This prevents groundwater from flowing underneath your home and helps to control the moisture of the soil directly beneath the foundation. 

Retaining Walls 

Your retaining wall helps to shape your landscape and protect structures at the bottom of a slope. This makes it essential to know the warning signs of damaged retaining walls: 

Buckling, cracking, or crumbling Rotting wood Separation from adjoining walls Splitting or sections shifting forward Tilting walls 

Buckling, cracking, or crumbling 
Rotting wood 
Separation from adjoining walls 
Splitting or sections shifting forward 
Tilting walls 

As retaining walls prevents soil from shifting, it’s important to get your retaining wall repaired as soon as possible. 

East Texas Slab Masters

As the foundation repair experts in Nacogdoches, we’re here to help with all of your foundation needs. We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else and can work with you to identify solutions that best fit your needs and budget. Call us today at 936-675-3930. You can also reach us via email at

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