Drilled Concrete Piers For Foundations

What is a drilled pier?

One of the many methods we can use to repair your foundation is a drilled bell bottom pier. This method uses a vertical structure with a wide “bell” shape at the base to add support to a concrete slab foundation that is either sinking, heaving, or is otherwise compromised.

How A Drilled Bell Bottom Pier Works


Soil Testing

We’ll begin by testing your soil at a depth of 15 feet to ensure that we’ve reached stable soil, also known as the load-bearing strata.


Manual Digging

The digging process must start manually at the surface. We’ll dig along your home’s foundation to reach a depth safe enough for motorized drilling.


Motorized Drilling

Using a two-person team, we’ll use a specialized drilling tool to create a shaft down to the stable soil beneath your home.


Digging of Bell Base

The bell-bottom base of the shaft is created using a “belling tool.” This tool features flanges that extend to remove dirt and pull it to the surface. The flanges dig wider than the original shaft, creating the bell shape that gives this method such great stability



The bell-bottom and shaft are then filled with wet concrete and reinforced with steel rebar for added strength and durability. The concrete will be leveled at the top and left to cure.

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