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East Texas Slab Masters is here for all residents of Palestine, TX. We offer expert, professional services that can repair all foundation issues that prevent small issues from more costly, significant repairs further down the road. Our services are available to both residences and businesses, and we’ll always work with you, so you know what to expect. 

Through our years of fixing repairs, we’ve helped assess and repair all the major indicators of foundation damage: 

Cracks in drywall, floors, interior walls, or basement slabs 
Cracks in bricks or mortar 
Difficult to open doors or windows 
Gaps in door and window frames 
Leaning walls 
Popping nails in ceilings or walls 
Tilting chimneys 
Sinking foundations 
Uneven floors 

By themselves, these issues may seem small. However, if you put off needed repairs or maintenance, you may end up encountering issues of property damage or even personal injury. 

Man working with concrete outside wearing protective construction gear

Our Foundation Repair Methods

Not all foundation issues are the same. That’s why we employ a bevy of repair and maintenance methods. 


Polymers are a quick, effective way of repairing issues stemming from unstable soil or voids beneath the concrete foundation. We use a high-density polyurethane foam that dries in as little as 15 minutes. It’s capable of supporting 14,000 pounds per square foot and is ideal in wet environments as its hydro-insensitive nature means it displaces water. 

Pier Pilings 

Pier pilings are among the most cost-effective ways to handle foundation issues. Often, issues result from the weight of a building resting on unstable soils. We use long piers that help transfer the load to more stable clays below the surface to combat this. This is a long-lasting repair method, adding even more value, and can be completed in as little as one to three days. 

Steel Piers 

Steel is extremely strong. That strength means steel piers can support more weight than traditional ones. Steel piers can also reach further down into more stable clays. This provides additional support should the building suddenly exert more weight on the foundation, as is often the case during snowfall. 

Drilled Bell Bottom Piers 

Another pier-based solution, bell-bottom piers, uses a bell-shaped bottom that adds additional support compared to traditional piers. To further add to their strength and reliability, we reinforce the piers with steel rebar. Should you have a structurally compromised foundation, this is one of the most effective methods of preventing disaster. 

Moisture Containment Barriers 

When the soil supporting your foundation retains excess moisture, it can cause the ground to swell and push up against your foundation. When the soil is too dry, it will contract and cause foundations to fall. Moisture containment barriers help maintain a constant moisture level in the soil by blocking excessive from running underneath the foundation.  

Retaining Walls 

Retaining walls offer practical and visual benefits to your landscape. They can turn unusable, sloping land into a stable, level space. Over time, though, retaining walls can begin to buckle, shift, tilt, or rot. When this happens, you should seek prompt repairs to prevent the area from becoming unstable. 

Foundation Repair in Palestine 

If you need foundation crack repair in Palestine, it’s essential to immediately seek out experts’ help. At East Texas Slab Masters, we have the experience, tools, and methods to prevent a small issue from becoming a disastrous one. As a customer-focused company, we’ll work with you to assess the damage, go over the best repair methods for your specific needs and budget, and quickly get to work fixing the issue. Reach out to us today if you’ve noticed any of the common signs of foundation damage. Call us at 866-529-1751 or, to have us reach out to you, fill out our online form.

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