Steel Pier Foundation Repair

Steel Piers to Support Foundations in East Texas

This system is meant to add vital support to damaged foundations, effectively strengthening and protecting your structure. We’ve got the proper knowledge and skills to place the support correctly and deep enough to ensure maximum support.

Quick process
No curing time
Can last a lifetime

Why choose East Texas Slab Masters for steel pier foundation repair?

Steel piers are manufactured to reach the load-bearing strata of the soil, where it will resist any more push. This ensures a solid support system.

Steel piers produce less skin friction or soil drag than larger concrete piers, helping to protect the pier over time.

Smaller diameter steel piers can be driven much deeper than ten-inch diameter concrete pillars, ensuring we reach the load-bearing strata.

We place a friction collar around the lead section of the pipe to minimize skin friction of the soil even further.

How does it work?

The soil that lies directly below your foundation and reaches 3 to 4 feet is referred to as the active soil. Since this soil is not very deep, weather can still affect it, causing shifts and making it unstable. Below the active layer are layers that are more consistent and dependable for support. This is the soil we aim for when placing a steel pier. Our steel piers have the capability to reach depths of 25 feet or more, which is far below the active layer, ensuring your home gets the support it needs. A steel pier is able to support as much as ten times more weight than a concrete pressed piling, meaning that when your home’s weight fluctuates due to snow or other environmental factors, you’ll be covered with enough support. Contact us today to start the process of steel piers foundation repair at your East Texas home.